Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Advanced Composting Technologies

Location: Candler, NC
Year: 1998-Present


Advanced Composting Technologies is a company based in North Carolina specializing in forced aeration composting technology. Spinning off a previous company known as Mountain Organic Materials, ACT now specializes in the unique composting issue of animal mortality, where responsible disposal of animal carcasses has previously been a problem. A testimonial from a hog farmer with one of Advanced Composting Technology’s proprietary systems claims a 60,000 dollar savings, by changing from burning carcasses with diesel fuel to composting them responsibly.

ACT claims the forced air system cuts down both on time required for full composting, as well as pathogens normally generated by decomposing flesh. The system is applicable in swine and poultry farms, as well as for general manure composting set-ups. Beyond these, the company claims this technology could be expanded for aquaculture farms, municipalities, large institutions, veterinarians or any situation in which organic matter would otherwise go to a landfill.

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