Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The LunchBox

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Years: 2000-Present
Founder: Chef Ann Cooper
Partner: Whole Foods Market

The LunchBox: Healthy Tools to Preserve All Schools is the most prominent school lunch initiative started by Chef Ann Cooper to transform the school lunch program is part of F3; Food Family Farming Foundation. The goal is to see systemic change for all school-age children, k-12, and provide access to healthy food “to grow their minds, bodies and their future.” The LunchBox is a web-based portal for preparing a more healthy and locally driven school lunch program with information for items as simple as portion control to new storing techniques.

The site provides a well-documented list of “nutritionally analyzed and scalable” recipes as well as a list of partner schools with descriptions of what they are doing. The program plans to provide ways for schools to track costs, resources, waste, and labor to create measureable metrics of comparison for schools. Recently the program has partnered with Whole Foods Market to develop recipes for the program. The LunchBox also features a video blog with Chef Ann Cooper promoting the methodology of the program.

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