Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lupangwe Organic Demonstration Farm

Location: Malawi
Founder: Jailos Kanyanga

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Jailos Kanyanga is at the forefront of the organic farming movement in Malawi, a country with nearly 20,000 organic farmers despite its small population of 12 million. Kanyanga, victim of a fertilizer credit scheme, reverted to traditional methods of composting and pest control, and has had significant regional impact and success in doing so. Starting with just 17 families, Kanyanga’s projected expanded into the organic demonstration farm, training and educating over 700 peasant farmers, increasing their yields for subsistence and sale.

By making traditional fertilizers from ash and dung, as well as soil from ant hills, Kanyanga was able to increase the yields of his plots. Kanyanga has since expanded this traditional methodology to pesticides, grinding up the leaves of local tree species to kill weevils and other maize pests. Kanyanga’s methods have allowed impoverished farmers to sidestep corrupt fertilizer schemes and high fertilizer prices, while increasing food security.

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