Monday, October 26, 2009

Preserve Products

Location: Cortland, New York
Years: 1996-Present
Founder: Eric Hudson
Partner: Stonyfield Farm
Preserve Products sells items only made from recycled materials and further recyclable. Most of the products are not all that radical as stainless steel utensils or ceramic and glass plates are not thrown away often. Perhaps the most viable use of the inexpensive items is the possibility of replacing unrecyclable disposable items (paper plates and cups) instead of replacing a set of dishes. However, recyclable toothbrushes, razers, toothpicks, Brita filters, storage containers seem to be a new niche market that presents the possibility of recycling in common items that are not normally thought of as recyclable.

The most important structure of the company is the emphasis on using more environmentally friendly produced plastics that are able to be recycled. At present the materials need to be shipped to New York for recycling creating additional transportation energy. However, the new gimme 5 program allows consumers to drop off items for recycling wherever Preserve Products are sold (typically Whole Foods locations) for Preserve to pick-up and ship while delivering new products to the store.

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