Sunday, November 1, 2009

Victory Gardens

Location:San Fransisco Date: 2008
Designed:Local government

Victory gardens 2008 is a pilot project that the city of San Fransisco funded to support and encourage the transition of backyards, front yards, window boxes, rooftops and unused or left over land into organic food production areas.

The project builds on the successful Victory Garden, also called war gardens and/ or food gardens for defense during WWI and WWII. these gardens were planted with vegetables, fruits, herbs and others in private residences across the united states, United Kingdom Canada and Germany. their purpose was to reduce the pressure on the public food supply brought on by the war effort plus to aid the war effort by keeping the morale of empowerment and labor contribution high.

The City of San Francisco redefine "Victory" in a new context as "growing food at home for increased local food security and reducing the food miles associated with the average American meal". 15 households were picked from a diverse background and participated in the program to be run again in 2009. In addition to that the Victory Gardens program created a quarter-acre, edible, ornamental landscape in front of San Francisco’s City Hall.


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  2. Hi, I find this government initiative great, not only for the issues mentioned under "catalogue of resistance" but also as a therauptic and useful activity for many people in today's current society. For example older adults and unemployed people could especially benefit from such a program to keep distracted in a healthy and useful way.
    In former East Germany, this activity is still very common. Almost every family in small towns engages in this activity and even people who live in cities have their small parcel of land in the outskirts and go there on the weekends or afternoons after work, during the spring, summer and fall.
    If anyone of you hear about such an initiative at a larger scale, add this info to your blog, to be informed.
    Thank you and keep at it.